Documents of the Hampton Roads Regional Structure Project.

A. Case Statement, Milestone Reports and Conference Proceedings

1. Case Statement in support of the Regional Structure Project (01/04)

2. Summaries of Project Phases

Report No.1: How the Region Works (06/05)

Report No.2: Transforming the Regional Structure (02/06)

Report No.3: Recommendations of the Regional Structure Project (10/08)

3. Conference Proceedings

On Regional Structure: 7/27/05, 1/14/06, 2/21/06, 1/28/06

On Regional Unity: 4/26/08

B. Study Group Reports

1. Recommendations for Strengthening Regional Governance

SG1A Hampton Roads Metropolitan Council (02/07)

SG1B HRMC – Legal Issues (incorporated in SG1A)

SG1C HRMC – Regional Services Review (10/06)

2. Recommendations for the Hampton Roads Partnership

SG2 Strengthening the Hampton Roads Partnership (01/07)

SG2A Board Structure (01/07)

SG2B Visioning and Measurement (01/07)

SG2C HRP – News Bureau (January 2007)  

SG2D HRP – Legislative Agenda (January 2007)

3. Recommendations on Regional Transportation Planning

SG3 MPO Study Group Report (09/07)

4. Recommendations for Improving Regional Efficiency

SG4  Improving Regional Efficiency (05/08)

SG4A Commission on Local Government Operations (02/07)

SG4B Hampton Roads Regional Tourism Strategy (02/07)

SG4C Workforce Investment Board(10/07)

SG4D Charter Amendment Process(10/07)

2. Recommendations for the Hampton Roads Partnership

SG5 Hampton Roads Center for Civic Engagement (10/07)

CCE: Business Plan of the HRCCE (10/07)