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What Occupation Do You Want?
The inability to find work after investing in oneself through training or education can be quite discouraging. To help avoid this outcome, future workers may be wise to first determine what specific occupations are expected to be in demand in the future. Doing so may help these competitive in healthy and growing industries.
A potential tool to do so is the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupation Network Database (called O*Net).[1] at: is a free and easily accessible tool that includes a wealth of information describing national occupational trends. Once having accessed this database, interested explorers can peruse literally thousands of occupations to see what each requires in terms of skills, educational requirements, and daily tasks. Perhaps more importantly, the database provides average wages and projected growth rates as well. Occupations can be searched for using key words and also explored by themes such as careers in "green" sectors (i.e. environmental protection) or those in STEM fields (i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).
What are "Workplace Skills" and how do you get them?
Employees with excellent soft skills are what employers in Hampton Roads, the United States and even around the world are saying they need to be successful in the 21st Century!

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Many of our young men and women transitioning out of the military face challenges of reshaping themselves for the private sector.

Look at: TCC's Center for Military and Veterans Education CLICK HERE and their materials CLICK HERE and HERE

FHR, Entrepreneurs' Organization and ECPI have created the Employers Insight Series CLICK HERE where employers talk directly to students on the "moving target of being job-ready".

There are a number of worth efforts in our community to assist our school age kids along.  The Chesapeake Technology Business Consortium offers free technology camps every summer to middle and high school students.  As part of their offerings, CTBC has provided video-based mentoring.  Visit their site and hover over Student Mentoring, select Mentor Videos, then choose from a library of 6 videos on a variety of topics intended to give students insights to the workforce from employers in the technology sector.

CTBC Mentoring

Our workforce can help themselves compete for jobs by having both the necessary hard AND soft skills for the job.

Learn about 21st Century Softskills.
Learn what your potential employer is looking for in an employee.
Learn how to differentiate yourself.
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