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Our region is making great progress on Higher Speed Rail.  Obviously we cannot take our eye off the prize and assume everything will be fine.  There are elections over the horizon and within a relatively short period of time, we'll new leadership which we'll have to meet with to reset expectations and hopefully move forward.


Traditional rail is already a reality.  But only Higher Speed Rail; giving us 120+ mph, Norfolk to DC in under 3 hrs and multiple trains per day will give us the convenience, cost effectiveness and profitability to make it a feasible long-term solution.


Our recommended Call to Action is threefold:


1. Familiarize yourself on the status of Higher Speed Rail: Read a short summary: Listening to Rails and on the same page, listen to an in-depth interview: Higher Speed Rail Sept 2013.  The other brief videos by Ray Taylor are also excellent context setting pieces.


2. Organize your efforts by helping FHR, Hampton Roads for Rail, Virginians for High Speed Rail and a handful of other organizations forward our cause.  Just contact us to attend a meeting, to learn more and how to pitch in and help.


3. Promote and support the message of Higher Speed Rail to your elected officials.  Let them know that this is an extraordinarily important component of our transportation infrastructure improvement plans.  It will be a national reality, it should be a reality for Hampton Roads.


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