Moving People
Our current efforts are focused on helping businesses grow and prosper in our region. Please read our materials at: Reading Materials and let your friends in business know about our Business-to-Business Mentoring series at: Business-to-Business Mentoring Series.

FHR seeks interested citizens who would like to participate in a focused study group about this topic. Click HERE if you would like to participate.

Future of Hampton Roads strongly supports regional efforts to boost our economic competitiveness.

An important part of our success is working to ensure that our small and medium sized businesses are equipped for growth and success.

Toward that goal, FHR endorses Business-to-Business Mentoring (the process of successful business leaders providing constructive, supportive discussion with less mature businesses).

Here's an introductory article: Business Mentoring

Here's another helpful article on the topic The Value of Business Mentoring

Finally, with all the above in mind, FHR would like to introduce our Business-to-Business Mentoring Series. This series will provide video and audio dialogues with business leaders, intended to provide experiential learning opportunities to the viewer/listener.

As we look toward Economic Competitiveness, there is no "magic bullet" that does it all.  All efforts are part of an overall equation for success.

Future of Hampton Roads